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Outstanding & Unsatisfactory Academic Performance

Faculty of Sciences Criteria for Outstanding Academic Progress

Faculty of Sciences coursework students, who achieve a ‘Year’ GPA ≥ 5.950 and have attempted a minimum of 12 units of study during the year, will receive a letter of commendation from the Executive Dean of Sciences for Outstanding Academic Achievement. 

Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy

The Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy applies to all students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs. This policy describes ways the University can identify and support coursework students if their academic performance becomes unsatisfactory.

Have you received a letter from the University advising that you have not made satisfactory academic progress?

If so, make an appointment (via email) to meet with your Program Coordinator. 
They may have some suggestions to assist you in improving your performance.   
If you require any further information, please contact the Faculty of Sciences Office on 8313 5673, or email

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